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Dear flist:

Please advise me as to the wonders (/pitfalls) of last.fm. I'm not even REALLY sure what it is but I'm intensely curious and have been for a while now, but the site is not very informative. Is it intense to set up? It seems like it would be. Can I make it fully automatic? Did they invent the term "scrobbling"? "To scrobble"? Is that a last.fm creation? Anyway, regardless of what it is. Do you use it. Is it fun. Would you recommend it to me. TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT, I WANT ALL OF THE LAST.FM-RELATED INFORMATION THAT'S IN YOUR BRAIN IN MY BRAIN, ASAP.

Date: 2008-12-14 06:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gandolforf.livejournal.com
I love last.fm. I believe they, or other audioscrobblers, did indeed coin that term. I would rec it to anyone that uses iTunes, Winamp, WMP or the other one they use (I forget). My installation was easy as cake. I downloaded last.fm, then the plugin for iTunes, and it installed. It's fully automatic - whenever I open iTunes, the last.fm scrobbler pops up in an icon in my system tray, and it automatically starts ~scrobbling~ whatever I'm listening to (provided the id3v1 and id3v2 tags are in, which they almost always are - the only way they won't be is if you imported your music without the artist/album/track information and it just says "ARTIST - TRACK 004" or something. and in that case, last.fm will tell you the necessary tags are missing and you can just add them in) and it shows up on my profile page on the site. It's free, but you can subscribe if you like (you get to add "loved" tracks, or b& tracks if you listen to the radio, no ads on your page). I love it a lot, honestly, I love the idea of my own stats, like what music I'm listening to, to be readily available. It charts by the last week (last seven days, not a calendar week - though you can see those on your charts page too), last three months, last six months, last year, and overall. You can set up your profile page a lot of different ways to get it what you want - mine is black (to me), not red, and I picked which artists I want to show on the top eight, the default is your top eight most listened to. It also tracks which songs you listen to most, not just the artists. In your library, you can see which songs you listen to most by which bands. You can even listen to your library and other tracks on artist pages, they recently got a streaming thing going. I've never ever had a problem with it, and it also syncs with my iPod to scrobble what I listen to on it while I'm at work.
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Date: 2008-12-19 08:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nutmeg4077.livejournal.com
lolol Amy already handled everything I could possibly say. I guess last.fm is like, kind of useless really, except it IS sweet to check out your listening habits and shit, and put your little ~widget~ in your LJ profile or on myspace or whatever to...show people what you're listening to, like and as if they care? but it is super easy as hale to download/install.

IN ADDITION I think you should take a look at my charts my friend because Stars are my number six artists of all time and Sufjan Stevens is my number seven and THAT IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU. SERIOUSLY.

and, if you get an account, BE MY FRIEND my username is...shit I forgot my username.



lol look at my wangsty Feist acoustic listening that occurred post-Paul breakup. THIS IS WHY LAST.FM IS COOL.

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